Hello and thank you for stopping by!  I am Jools, London based bass player.

Graduated in Professional Musicianship at BIMM Brighton in 2013, my musical journey started when I was just a child. I have studied classical piano for 10 years, before picking up the bass.

Finally, when I turned 17, I got my first one… And ever since I’ve bought a few more!

I am always up for new musical challenges and I am not afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone.

As much as practicing and nailing the parts it’s always been my forte, I spend lots of time focusing on sound (the search of the right eq,bass, fx sequence)… and understanding how to  improve a song from an harmonic point of view.

I always see at BASS as the bridge between the rhythm and melody. That’s why I am having so much fun when playing and recording!

Feel free to get in touch if you need some bass on your track or album… or if you have any related queries!