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⬆︎ A blend of instrumental prog and rock for a blast of adrenaline! Tracking bass on this song was fun with Steady Pitch.


⬆︎ Great time holding down the groove on “This Is What I have to Say”, the EP by Mike Bradley. Some rock’n’roll with a smokey blues twist!

⬆︎ Realize, The EP I’ve recorded with Paradigm alongside with producers Paul Corkett (Bjork, Placebo, The Cure) and John Cornfield (Muse, Oasis)… If you like alternative rock and post grunge this may be for you then!!!


⬆︎ A mellower version of the namesake track… featuring my backing vocals and a bass solo too! Scary times!!!

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⬆︎ From Realize, it was amazing to rock out in “Your Darker Side”!

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⬆︎ Footage, funny moments captured on camera while recording “Faded Away”.